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Enchanted Evening™ Solar-Powered Firefly Lights

Enchanted Evening™ Solar-Powered Firefly Lights

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“These delightful lights offer an enchanting and quality glow, adding an ambient touch to any landscape. They're easy to arrange, solar-powered for all-night illumination, and extremely user-friendly. Plus, the energy-efficient design springs to life as soon as the sun sets. I can't wait to add more to my collection.”

- Angela D.
Verified Buyer

Tired of drab, unlit yards at night? Say hello to our Enchanted Evening™ Solar-Powered Firefly Lights. Imagine a swarm of dazzling fireflies dancing in your garden - that's the magic we're offering. No more fussing with wires or hefty electricity bills; our lights charge all day, then flicker to life as dusk falls, enchanting your evenings. Weatherproof and eco-friendly, these lights transform your yard into a vibrant, romantic haven. Illuminate your life today with Enchanted Evening™ Solar-Powered Firefly Lights.

Enchanted Evening™ Solar-Powered Firefly Lights harvest the sun's energy, cutting your electricity bills. You save money, while your garden glows with vibrant, eco-friendly light each night.

These lights illuminate your yard automatically as darkness falls, extinguishing at dawn. Forget manual operations; enjoy a beautifully lit yard effortlessly, while saving energy.

Offering warm white and colorful lighting options, these lights enhance your outdoor spaces. They create a variety of moods, making your yard a welcoming space for all occasions.

Crafted with high-quality, waterproof materials, these lights withstand extreme weather conditions. Your garden remains radiant, come rain or shine.

Soft, flexible wires allow these firefly lights to sway gently with the wind. They create a lively, dynamic display, transforming your garden into a captivating, nature-inspired spectacle.

With solar power, Enchanted Evening™ Firefly Lights reduce carbon emissions. You not only get a stunningly lit yard but also contribute positively to the environment.

These lights add sparkle to your yard, ideal for any occasion or celebration. They create a festive and romantic atmosphere, making your outdoor space the perfect setting for memorable moments.


Step 1: Remove the Enchanted Evening™ Solar-Powered Firefly Lights from the packaging.

Step 2: Follow the included instructions to assemble the lights, attaching the solar panel and light bulb to the supporting stem.

Step 3: Choose a sun-filled outdoor spot and insert the stake at the bottom of the light fixture into the ground for stability.

Step 4: Locate and turn on the switch on the solar panel or light fixture.

Step 5: Allow the lights to charge in a sunny spot during the day, with the charging process typically taking 5-6 hours based on sunlight intensity.

Step 6: The lights will automatically illuminate at dusk, providing a beautiful and enchanting atmosphere for 8-12 hours depending on the charge.

Step 7: For maintenance, regularly clean the solar panel with a soft cloth.


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