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EverSpring™ Automatic Chicken Water System

EverSpring™ Automatic Chicken Water System

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“Switched to this waterer and it's a game-changer! No leaks, easy setup, & my chickens always have fresh water. Farm life made simple.”

- Alex R.
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Discover the ultimate solution to your poultry's hydration needs with our EverSpring™ Automatic Chicken Water System. Engineered for ease, durability, and cleanliness, these automatic waterers ensure your flock always has access to fresh water without the hassle of daily refills or cleaning. Leak-proof and easy to install, they're designed to withstand the rigors of farm life, making poultry care effortless and efficient.


EverSpring™ Automatic Chicken Water System fills water as needed, ensuring your birds always have access to fresh water. This cuts down your daily chores significantly.

Installing the EverSpring™ Automatic Chicken Water System is quick and requires minimal tools, making it accessible for all poultry owners. It saves time and lets you focus more on caring for your flock.

The hydrator's design prevents water from spilling and wasting, keeping the coop dry and reducing the need for cleanups. A drier coop means healthier birds and less work for you.

Made with strong plastic and stainless steel, it withstands pecks and kicks, lasting longer than other waterers. This durability saves money on replacements and repairs.

Suitable for a variety of poultry, including chickens, ducks, and turkeys, ensuring all your birds stay hydrated. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple types of waterers.

The Automatic Chicken Water System is easy to clean, maintaining a healthy drinking environment for your flock with less effort. Clean water means healthier birds and fewer vet visits.

Compatible with heating setups to prevent water from freezing in winter, ensuring continuous access to water. This feature keeps your birds hydrated even in cold weather.

Each cup can hold a generous amount of water, reducing the need for frequent refills and ensuring your birds are never thirsty. More free time for you and consistent water for them.


Step 1. Select a clean, suitable bucket or container for your EverSpring™ Automatic Chicken Water System.

Step 2. Using a 3/8" drill bit, carefully drill a hole at a height that matches the standing level of your poultry.

Step 3. Insert the threaded side of the hydrator through the hole from the outside of the bucket.

Step 4. Secure the hydrator in place by tightening the wingnut provided on the inside of the bucket.

Step 5. Fill the bucket with fresh, clean water up to a few inches from the top.

Step 6. Position the bucket in your coop or designated drinking area, ensuring it's stable and accessible to your poultry.

Step 7. Observe as the water automatically fills the cup, adjusting the height if necessary to accommodate your birds comfortably.

Step 8. Regularly check the water level in the bucket, refilling as needed to keep your flock hydrated.

Step 9. Clean the hydrator cup by simply rinsing with water, and wipe down if necessary to maintain cleanliness.


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