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Hummingbird Harmony™ Hexagonal Feeder

Hummingbird Harmony™ Hexagonal Feeder

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“This feeder solved all my problems! No more bee invasions, easy cleaning, and the hummingbirds can't resist it. A must-have for any bird lover!”

- Mia C.
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Introducing the Hummingbird Harmony™ Hexagonal Feeder a masterpiece crafted with both beauty and durability in mind. Its unique hexagonal design mimics flowers, enticing hummingbirds while providing an enchanting view of their feeding process. The built-in moat ensures pure nectar for hummingbirds, while the feeder's robustness and dishwasher-safe feature offer longevity and easy maintenance. With our feeder, bring the captivating world of hummingbirds right into your backyard, promising countless hours of bird-watching enjoyment.

The Hummingbird Harmony™ features a hexagonal raised diamond geometry of ports, mimicking the visual cues hummingbirds associate with nectar in flowers. This clever design not only attracts more hummingbirds to the feeder but also prevents bees and wasps from accessing the nectar, ensuring a safe and peaceful feeding experience for your hummingbirds.

The feeder's rich colors and over 200 facets catch sunlight and sparkle, making it easily visible to hummingbirds from afar. The 30 feeding ports imitate real-life flowers and offer ample room for hummingbirds, thereby increasing the likelihood of attracting more of these beautiful birds to your garden.

The uni-body design and unique filling system of the Hummingbird Harmony™ allow you to mix nectar right in the feeder without outside measuring. This feeder is also dishwasher safe, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning, which means less time maintaining the feeder and more time enjoying the delightful sight of feeding hummingbirds.

The feeder includes a specially designed built-in moat that blocks all creatures except hummingbirds from feeding. This innovative feature keeps the nectar fresh and the feeder clean, enhancing the overall health and happiness of your hummingbirds and allowing them to enjoy uncontaminated nectar.

Made from extremely tough, highest quality UV-resistant polycarbonate material, the Hummingbird Harmony™ is built to last a lifetime. Its heavy-duty construction and large hanger hook diameter ensure durability and ease of hanging, providing long-term enjoyment without the worry of frequent replacements.

The raised feeding ports prevent rain from running into the bowl, keeping the nectar clean and free from dilution. This added layer of protection ensures that your hummingbirds get to enjoy their meals even in less than ideal weather conditions.

The unique design of the Hummingbird Harmony™ allows you to watch hummingbirds using their beaks and tongues within the tube, giving you a fascinating insight into the feeding process. This immersive experience not only makes the feeder a great tool for ornithology studies but also a delightful addition to any bird-lover's garden.

Given its innovative design, easy maintenance, and bird-friendly features, this hummingbird feeder makes an excellent gift for children, parents, bird enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Gifting this feeder is a great way to encourage an appreciation for nature and birdwatching in your loved ones.


Step 1: Remove the lid and pour nectar into the feeder until it reaches the fill line.

Step 2: Find a quiet, shaded spot and securely hang the feeder using the large hanger hook.

Step 3: Wait patiently for the hummingbirds to discover the feeder and enjoy their visits.

Step 4: Clean the feeder every 2-3 days in hot weather or weekly in cooler weather, rinsing with warm water or using the dishwasher if desired.

Step 5. Refill the feeder with fresh nectar and hang it back in place.


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